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Your spine protects your spinal canal, supports body weight, and provides mobility for your upper body. Proper spinal alignment is essential for these functions. At Sensor Medica Clinic in Idaho Falls, Idaho, the experienced team specializes in biomechanics, including treatments that assess and improve spinal alignment. For a spinal alignment consultation, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Spinal Alignment Q & A

What is spinal alignment?

Spinal alignment refers to the curvature of your spine and the placement of your vertebrae.

Your spine runs from the bottom of your skull to your pelvis. It consists of 24 separate bones called vertebrae, each separated by a disc and held together by tendons, ligaments, and muscles. 

In addition to support and mobility, your spine protects your spinal canal, which is part of your central nervous system.

Your spine has three parts:

  • Cervical spine (neck)
  • Thoracic spine (mid-back)
  • Lumbar spine (lower back)

The curvature of your spine ensures proper distribution of your body weight to limit stress on certain portions of your spine and other joints. Your posture plays a vital role in the proper alignment of your spine.

Why is spinal alignment important?

Poor posture affects alignment and may cause muscle aches and pain, as well as increase the rate of degenerative changes that occur in your spine as you get older. These degenerative changes may increase your risk of developing a chronic pain condition. 

Misalignment of your vertebrae also influences your nervous system, which serves as the communication system between your body and brain. Vertebrae that are not in line may press or pinch a nerve, resulting in pain, coordination issues, or muscle weakness in various areas of your body. 

What can I expect during a spinal alignment evaluation?

You can expect a thorough exam when you come in to see the experts at Sensor Medica Clinic for a spinal alignment evaluation. The team takes an integrative approach to care and asks detailed questions to understand your health needs.

During your exam, your provider asks about your health concerns and symptoms (if any), medical history, occupation, exercise routine, and details about your typical day.

Your provider then performs a physical exam, paying close attention to your posture and spinal alignment. 

How is spinal alignment treated?

The experienced team at Sensor Medica Clinic develops individualized treatment plans for the management of your spinal alignment based on the types of symptoms you’re experiencing. 

Treatment may include:

  • Chiropractic care for spinal adjustments
  • Physical therapy to improve muscle strength and balance
  • Posture therapy
  • Ergonomic therapy

The team schedules regular follow-up visits to monitor spinal alignment and perform spinal adjustments as needed. 

Proper spinal alignment improves nervous system function and overall health and wellness. To schedule a consultation, call Sensor Medica Clinic or book an appointment online today.