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Biomechanics software

freeStep is an advanced software for the study of plantar pressures, motion analysis, posturography, biomechanics and humans-space relationship.

Either on our sensor treadmill or our sensor platform, we can perform many types of biomechanical evaluations including:

  • static plantar pressures,

  • dynamic plantar pressures,

  • 3D motion analysis,

  • EMG,

  • morphological video analysis,

  • digital foot scanners,

  • posturographic tests for balance control,

  • an automatic analysis report is available for the patient.

For the in-shoe evaluation, we are using our FlexInFit sensor insoles that has more than 420 resistive sensors.

It allows you to perform precise analysis inside a patient's shoe. Capable of streaming live or recording the data via SD card.

FlexInFit is a versatile system with many applications:

  • integrate in-shoe data into the gait analysis,

  • control the results of a therapy,

  • study and improve sports movements,

  • verify the real pressure areas inside the shoe to prevent the formation of ulcers in diabetic patients,

  • determine the efficacy of custom orthotic correction compared to barefoot.‚Äč

Sensor insoles are all number 14US long and can be cut according to the patient size.

It is totally wireless and junction box free, to avoid any kind of interference.


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