Posturography Balance Testing


On our freeMed sensor platform is possible to evaluate the balance control of a patient, comparing the instability between closed eyes and open eyes or using other protocols depending from what is the reason of the analysis.

Posturography analysis is:

  • Studying the mechanisms of maintaining the balance;

  • High sampling rate (adjustable from 5 to 150Hz), for evaluating micro oscillations and their vector components;

  • Balance evaluation comparing different tests with default protocols (Romberg, Sway, etc.);

  • Status-kinesigram, Fourier analysis, ellipse surface, anterior/posterior and laterals oscillations, postural rectangle, comparison values:

  • an automatic analysis report is available for the patient.

While the subject stands on our balance platform, the sensors collect data that are processed to freeStep software to evaluate the motion of the center of pressure (CoP), which is then compared to the Standard Limit of Stability of the subject.

This information is used to produce automatic printable reports displaying the Stability Score along with other balance related parameters. The physician report also displays normative data for age matched normal population for comparison purposes.

Our analysis software System identifies which body system is not functioning correctly – visual, vestibular or proprioceptive. Increased postural sway area is a strong indicator of poor balance and a leading cause of falls. 

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