Preserve Your Joints With One of These Therapies

Joints are the points in your body where two or more bones meet. Though some joints are fixed, most of the joints support your body’s mobility — for example, your knee joints help you climb stairs, and the joints in your feet help you walk and run.

While joints are supposed to be mobile and flexible, these functions also make them vulnerable to injury, disease, and pain. 

Our team of health professionals at Sensor Medica Clinic in Idaho Falls, Idaho, understands the hardships many people face when struggling with joint pain, which is why we offer therapies focused on joint preservation

Like you, we want to stop the pain, save your joint, and prevent the need for more invasive treatments like joint replacement surgery. 

Preventing joint problems before they start

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic joint pain. For many, the pain is severe and persistent. You can develop joint pain from many causes. However, arthritis is the most common — specifically osteoarthritis, which develops from the wearing away of the cartilage that cushions your joint bones as you get older.

A joint injury increases your risk of developing arthritis and chronic joint pain later in life. Knowing the long-term health consequences of chronic joint pain, our joint preservation program focuses on preventing joint damage with therapies that protect the healthy tissue in your joints, heal injuries, and slow degeneration. 

Assessing joint health

When you come in to see us for a joint preservation consultation, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your joint health. Our clinic’s cutting-edge diagnostic tools allow us to assess your biomechanics and how they help or hurt your joint.

To determine joint health, we perform:

Gait and motion analysis

During a gait and motion analysis, our therapists use state-of-the-art technology to assess your gait, body alignment, posture, and joint range of motion. 

Balance assessment

We also use advanced tools to perform a balance assessment, which helps us evaluate joint stability and find areas of weakness that may affect joint health. 

Therapies to preserve your joints

We offer many therapies to improve and preserve joint health. The therapy best suited for you depends on the current health of your joints. 

To preserve healthy joints, you may benefit from orthotics or braces that correct your biomechanics. We may also recommend physical therapy to improve muscle balance and joint stability as well as chiropractic care to improve alignment and circulation.

The therapies we recommend for our patients with joint injuries and arthritis include the therapies we recommend for joint preservation, as well as:

Our team also provides viscosupplementation and corticosteroid injections to ease joint pain so you can participate in other therapies aimed at healing your joints. 

If our noninvasive therapies fail to provide long-term joint pain relief, we may refer you to our highly skilled physicians for a joint preservation surgery consultation. 

Don’t let your joint pain keep you from living your life. Let us help you preserve your joints with a personalized therapy program. Schedule an appointment today by calling our office or booking online.

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