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Sensor Medica USA opened the first biomechanics clinic in Idaho Falls (ID), over 7,000 sqf, where doctors and patients can find solutions for any biomechanical problem.

Our clinic has organized a biomechanical lab for a complete gait and motion analysis, posturographic analysis for the balance control, fall risk assessment, range of motion evaluation of all the articulations, running video recording and athlete biofeedback.

We are using the Sensor Medica devices such as sensor pressure platform with HD cameras for balance testing and videographic analysis, sensor pressure treadmill for walking and running evaluation, inertial motion sensor for evaluating articulations range of motion, wireless in-shoe sensor insoles for studying pressures and loads inside patient shoe.

Inside our clinic, we are fully organized for the production of dynamic custom foot orthotics to stabilize the loads and asymmetries, correct the foot function, prevent injuries and increase the sport performance.

In addition, we are using the most advanced technologies for shockwave and laser therapy.  The combination of these treatments assure a faster healing process up to 75%.

In our clinic are present various kind of medical specialties: Podiatry,  Orthopedics,  Biomechanics, Sports Medicine, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Medical Aesthetics.

This kind of organization and services is really unique and Sensor Medica USA is willing to reply it in the major cities of our country.


Wound Care
Medical Aesthetics


Glen D. Shapiro


Karson K. Howard


Vicky W. Shapiro


Brady Wirick
Dean Buys
Sylvia Rife


Kara Olsen
Misty Welker
Clinic Manager
Kade Scott
Adrienne Howard


I was scheduled to have both knees replaced. Since the day of Stem Cells injection I felt better and canceled surgery. I can now hike and ride my bike again.

Steve W.

All my body was terrible with arthritis, shoulder, knee and foot. After Stem Cells injection I have finally no pain and I can now walk up and down stairs again.

Debbie B.

I didn't want to go througha knee replacement. With Stem Cells my bone on bone is really much better today. I can finally ride my bike.

Bridget K.


Sensor Medica

919 South Utah Avenue

Idaho Falls, ID - 83402

Phone: (208) 561 2286

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