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Sensor Medica Clinic in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is the first biomechanics clinic established by Sensor Medica USA. The 7,000 square feet facility offers a wide range of physical medicine services so doctors and patients can find solutions for any biomechanical problem.

The clinic includes a biomechanical lab that offers complete gait and motion analysis, posturographic analysis for the balance control, fall risk assessment, range of motion evaluation of all the articulations, running video recording, and athlete biofeedback.

The team uses Sensor Medica devices, such as sensor pressure platform with HD cameras for balance testing and videographic analysis, sensor pressure treadmill for walking and running evaluation, inertial motion sensor for evaluating articulations range of motion, and wireless in-shoe sensor insoles for studying pressures and loads inside the patient’s shoe.

Inside the clinic, the team is fully organized for the production of dynamic custom foot orthotics to stabilize the loads and asymmetries, correct the foot function, prevent injuries, and increase sports performance. In addition, Sensor Medica Clinic uses the most advanced technologies for shockwave and laser therapy. The combination of these treatments assure a faster healing process of up to 75%.

Sensor Medica Clinic offers various kinds of medical specialties, including podiatry, orthopedics, biomechanics, sports medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical aesthetics services. This unique combination of services provides patients with the best care possible, and Sensor Medica USA is willing to replicate it in other major cities throughout the country.

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    "Dr Shapiro is very kind and will listen to you with all his heart, and then will explain to you in detail what is wrong with you."

    Sally S.
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    "I will undoubtedly use Dr. Shapiro for any future orthopedic procedures."

    Carolyn R.
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    Dr. Shapiro did a very thorough exam and was able to isolate the problem. He also explained his findings clearly and went over a treatment plan."

    Matt T.
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    "Dr. Shapiro was very kind,thorough and friendly. He was responsive in a timely fashion and came in to the office on his time off to see me. He was concerned and caring."

    Connie H.
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    "Dr. Shapiro and his amazing staff are diligent, thorough, prompt, intuitive and very personable."

    Chris Q.
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